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Our Red Cross AED Training device meets AED protocols, and mimics the features and prompts of live AEDs in English or Spanish.

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About CPR Williamsburg / Heartlights CPR

Rita Cwynar is the Lead Instructor and Training Site Coordinator for Heartlights CPR, CPR Virginia and CPR Richmond. She is also a State Certify EMT with The Virginia Beach Volunteer EMS.

Rita started Heartlights CPR in 2009 and is now an American Heart Association Training Site with 12 AHA Certified Instructors within her network.

As an EMT, Rita knows all to well the need for CPR Training, use of the AED & First Aid. She regularly comes in contact with patients & family members who are all victims of Coronary Disease in one way or another. She herself lost her father, at the age of 12, to cardiomegaly. Because of her personal experiences she is passionate that her students receive the knowledge & life saving skills to help prevent an emergency from becoming a tragedy.

Heartlights CPR is committed to make Safety and Lifesaving knowledge easily accessible, painless, and affordable for individuals, organizations, and especially corporate clients through the central & South East Virginia.

HeartLights CPR is proud to teach in accordance with the American Heart Association.

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